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putting a time profiling module in the code for testing purposes

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#!/usr/bin/env python
This wrapper module is used to profile time spent in different parts of Glance's code.
The only people who should be using this wrapper are developers working on Glance.
To use it, call the module using the syntax that you would call Glance with on the command line.
For example:
python /pathToGitRepository/uwglance/pyglance/glance/ report
Once the inner Glance command has run, this wrapper will print the top 100 places in code
where the run spent it's time, sorted with the most time consuming first. This should hopefully
give you a rough picture of which calculations are slowing Glance down.
Created by evas March 2022.
Copyright (c) 2022 University of Wisconsin SSEC. All rights reserved.
import cProfile
import pstats'','statsinfo')
print('\n\n\nShowing resulting stats:\n')
p = pstats.Stats('statsinfo')
# sort by the ones that took the most total time, and only print the top 100
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