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What do we need to be able to do?

  • Read in data via python
  • ... reformat to McIDAS AREA?
  • ... navigation handled by McIDAS routines?
    • do we only do LALO, then?
    • do we need new McIDAS routines for new data types... ever? if we do, what's the point?
  • ... calibration handled by McIDAS routines?
    • probably not, see the above
  • ... send/receive messages handled by McIDAS routines?
  • ... is that all?

Other python-to-fortran-hacking stuff

Links / References


  • product calibration send back data in 0-255
  • search mcidas programmer's documentation for LALO to find the lalo block
    • lat, lon, resolution (skip values), index to the top left (modis starts at (2,2))