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# science-stack-docker
mostly for automated builds, but the cheatsheat for non-automated:
Docker cheatsheet:
docker build -t nbearson/science-stack .
# Run the image, get a shell
docker run -t -i nbearson/science-stack /bin/bash
# Run the image, get a shell, and mount the current directory as /workspace
docker run -it --rm -v "$PWD":/workspace -w /workspace nbearson/science-stack /bin/bash
# Build the image from just the Dockerfile
docker build -t nbearson/science-stack .
# Push the built image to Dockerhub
docker push nbearson/science-stack
# Why?
* I want to try out an a new version of GCC without having to worry about properly isolating it from the rest of my machine and deleting it later.
* I'm on a mac and want to compile code for a linux machine without dedicating idle resources to a VM.
* Once someone has done the work of putting together a docker image with everything you need (and we rarely need something too special), you can get a copy and use it with 1 terminal command.
* *Why not?*
An alternative without the frills:
This is a debian-based image, but it comes with gcc (and now gfortran!) preinstalled and nothing else. Nice for getting a compiler for free to put through the paces.
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