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Add Lobby Display to Website

William Roberts requested to merge wroberts/MetObsSite:develop into develop

I added a "look a like" lobby display to aoss/tower/lobby.

The way that tower/lobby is distinguished from tower/meteorogram programmatically is via plotInfo.isLobbyDisplay which is set to true via site_configs_lobby.js. The rest of the code structure is the same at meteorogram, but checks if plotInfo.isLobbyDisplay is true along the way, and acts accordingly.


  1. The background color is changed every 1 second by setInterval, which changes the background-color attributes in tower/lobby (using hsl color scheme). The initial color is set via --starting-hue which defaults to 0.

  2. Units change every 5 seconds: Both the current values and the y-axis values.

Requested and assisted by @davidh

Edited by William Roberts

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