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Draft: Add initial rework of refresh DB script

David Hoese requested to merge bugfix-refresh-past into master

While updating the operational environment and trying to include old images I realized my refresh job/script only deals with images newer than the most recent time in the database, not old images. I also realized that the existing behavior isn't very useful since if processing has started we'll always have a more recent time in the database than the images we're trying to add.

This merge request switches the behavior to add any old images that are older than the oldest time in the database. I saw issues during this step though where rabbitmq got made and reset the connection. I think this was a conflict between the asyncio version of rabbitmq/pika overwriting behavior of regular pika which is used in this refresh script. This MR needs to be updated further to use the asyncio rabbitmq communication. It should also maybe allow for turning off the date filtering/skipping behavior.

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