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RTTOV missing values are different than ours, so don't let them get in

Coda Phillips requested to merge rttov_emiss_bug into develop

The problem is surface emissivity (when running with RTTOV) is set in two stages.

  1. Get land emissivity from RTTOV atlas
    a. This actually fills the emissivity with RTTOV missing values (-127?) over ocean
  2. fill ocean using constant value based on surface type.
    a. surface type is from ancil hdf file, a different source.
    b. sometimes RTTOV atlas says "location is ocean, no emissivity data" and surface type says "location is land, skipping fill with constant value". so no surface emissivity
  3. before this commit, the value that would end up in the output was the RTTOV missing value, which wouldn't be recognized as missing because RTTOV uses -127 or something that's not -999.0

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