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use basic file server rather than custom handler

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......@@ -4,4 +4,4 @@ sha=$(git rev-parse HEAD)
dt="$(date +%Y-%m-%d)T$(date +%H:%M:%S)Z"
buildStr="v${ver} (${dt})"
go install --ldflags "-X 'main.buildStr=${buildStr}'" ${pkg}/...
go install -v --ldflags "-X 'main.buildStr=${buildStr}'" ${pkg}/...
......@@ -87,6 +87,12 @@ helm repo add <name> %s
<dt>GET /<version>-<version>.tgz</dt>
<dd>Get a Heml chart package</dd>
<dt>PUT /<version>-<version>.tgz</dt>
<dd>Upload a new chart package to the index</dd>
<dt>GET /files</dt>
<dd>Basic file listing of chart directory</code></dd>
<dt>GET /status</dt>
<dd>Health check that simply returns <code>OK!</code></dd>
......@@ -172,9 +178,8 @@ Options can also be specified as environment variables $CHART_SVR_<name>
r := mux.NewRouter()
r.HandleFunc("/status", handleStatus).Methods("GET")
// Limit to only index.yaml and chart (.tgz) files
r.HandleFunc(`/{filename:(?:index.yaml|.*-.*.tgz)}`, handleGetFile).Methods("GET")
r.HandleFunc(`/{chart:.*-.*.tgz}`, handleUpload).Methods("PUT")
r.HandleFunc("/", handleGetHome)
h := handlers.CombinedLoggingHandler(os.Stdout, handlers.CORS()(r))
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