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clarify URL help

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......@@ -152,7 +152,7 @@ Options can also be specified as environment variables $CHART_SVR_<name>
pflag.StringVar(&dir, "dir", getEnvDefault("CHART_SVR_DIR", "."), "Chart report dir")
pflag.StringVar(&host, "host", getEnvDefault("CHART_SVR_HOST", ":8080"), "Host to bind to [<host>]:<port>")
pflag.StringVar(&url, "url", getEnvDefault("CHART_SVR_URL", ""), "URL to the chart repository")
pflag.StringVar(&url, "url", getEnvDefault("CHART_SVR_URL", ""), "Externally accessible URL to the chart repository")
if len(url) == 0 {
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