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    Fix Python 3.10 incompatibilities (#331) · 5f8bab0b
    Ray Garcia authored
    * Fix changes to module locations
    * Explicit integer type needed for Qt binding
    * Empty commit to re-trigger CI
    * Fix CI environments not using declared python version
    * Fix docstring issues in Python 3.10
    * Update CI to use Python 3.10 instead of 3.9
    * Update website building CI job to use Python 3.10
    * Fix formatting of "3.10" because YAML is hard
    * Fix passing floats to slider position setting
    * Add workaround for bug in QGroupBox alignment handling
    Co-authored-by: default avatarRKGarcia <r.keoni@gmail.com>
    Co-authored-by: default avatarDavid Hoese <david.hoese@ssec.wisc.edu>