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The Glue Code

After package delivery we can access package information from ipython using the delivered_software method of the flo.sw.lib.glutil module:

from flo.sw.lib.glutil import delivered_software
delivered_software.lookup('hirs_avhrr', delivery_id='20180505-1')

which gives the output

Delivery(id='20180505-1', name='hirs_avhrr', version='0.1.21pre', path='/mnt/deliveredcode/deliveries/hirs_avhrr/20180505-1')

We also need to install the following packages:

pip install -i -U flo rados
pip install -i -U sipsprod glutil
pip install -i -U timeutil
pip install -i -U simple

Local Deployment of python glue code

The glue code for hirs_avhrr can be started by creating the file source/flo/ in ~/code/PeateScience/packages/hirs_avhrr. The glue code can then be linked into the local execution directory:

cd ~/code/PeateScience/local/dist/hirs_avhrr
ln -s ../../../packages/hirs_avhrr/source/flo ./

Local Processing



str_import_hirs_avhrr="import os; from timeutil import TimeInterval, datetime, timedelta; os.chdir('$repo/hirs_avhrr'); import example_local_prepare; os.chdir('$work_dir')"


python -c "$str_import_hirs_avhrr; granule = datetime(2015, 2, 1, 0, 15); interval = TimeInterval(granule, granule+timedelta(seconds=0)); example_local_prepare.local_execute_example(interval, '$satellite', '20180410-1', '20180505-1', skip_prepare=False, skip_execute=False, verbosity=3)"

python -c "$str_import_hirs_avhrr; granule = datetime(2015, 2, 1, 0, 15); interval = TimeInterval(granule, granule+timedelta(days=0)); example_local_prepare.print_contexts(interval, '$satellite', '20180410-1', '20180505-1')"