Commit c7fb48c7 authored by R.K.Garcia's avatar R.K.Garcia
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Update to latest build of ShellB3 for CSPP

parent 0d1f7ff4
......@@ -38,7 +38,7 @@ test -n "$HIMAWARI_TAG" || export HIMAWARI_TAG=develop
test -n "$GOESR_TAG" || export GOESR_TAG=develop
test -n "$FTP_SB3" || export FTP_SB3=""
test -n "$SB3_TARBALL" || export SB3_TARBALL="ShellB3-Linux-x86_64-CentOS6-20170801-rGIT8dfd19cb-py3-portable-core-cspp.tar.xz"
test -n "$SB3_TARBALL" || export SB3_TARBALL="ShellB3-Linux-x86_64-CentOS6-20180619-rGIT78cf3d7c-py3-portable-core-cspp.tar.xz"
test -n "$RUNTIME" || export RUNTIME="$HOME/Downloads"
abspath() {
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