Commit 440bbcfd authored by R.K.Garcia's avatar R.K.Garcia
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only include band dimension on CMI if there are actually multiple bands

parent da30d031
......@@ -558,13 +558,15 @@ class HimawariAHIasCMIP(object):
yield each
# we almost forgot! the data itself
if not as_cmi: # SCMI has no band_id dimension
as_multi_band = as_cmi and bool(gdims[BAND_ID_DIM] > 1)
if not as_multi_band: # no band_id dimension for single-band files
v =
d = self.data_dims
v =,) + tuple(
d = OrderedDict({BAND_ID_DIM: gdims[BAND_ID_DIM]})
raise NotImplementedError("multi-band AHI not implemented")
a = dict(self.data_attrs)
yield self.p(self._data_name), v, d, a
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