Commit 3ebfc9ab authored by R.K.Garcia's avatar R.K.Garcia
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test: negate scale_factor and add_offset of y(y)

PUG expectation is that positive y angles are north of equator
If this is not correct for Japan sector, look at reversing y array instead of negating sf/ao
parent c4027c3d
......@@ -264,8 +264,9 @@ class NetCDF4_writer(object):
def set_fgf(self, fgf, downsample_factor=1):
if self.fgf_y is not None:
self.fgf_y[:] = fgf.y
self.fgf_y.scale_factor = * float(downsample_factor)
self.fgf_y.add_offset =
LOG.warning('negating y scale/offset to conform to northward-positive PUG expectation')
self.fgf_y.scale_factor = * float(downsample_factor)
self.fgf_y.add_offset =
if self.fgf_x is not None:
self.fgf_x[:] = fgf.x
self.fgf_x.scale_factor = * float(downsample_factor)
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