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implement lat_lon_to_l_c equivalent to goesr.l1b.PugFile

parent f0c1b7b7
......@@ -41,6 +41,12 @@ SCENE_ID_CONVERSION = {
"FLD": "Full Disk",
# FUTURE: if available, fetch base class
# try:
# from goesr.l1b import PugFile
# except ImportError:
# PugFile = object
class HimawariAHIasCMIP(object):
yield path, value, dimensions, attributes frames used by goesr.cmi_changer
......@@ -420,6 +426,7 @@ class HimawariAHIasCMIP(object):
yield self.p('%s_image_bounds' % name), vrange, self.d(DEFAULT_YX_BOUNDS_NAME), a
# y and x variables and their bounds and centerpoints
# negate scaling of y to conform to GOES / PROJ4 convention
for each in yx_frames('y', y,,, negate_scaling=True):
yield each
......@@ -490,6 +497,34 @@ class HimawariAHIasCMIP(object):
bwl = np.array([bwl_um], dtype=np.float32)
yield self.p('band_id'), band, self.d(DEFAULT_BAND_DIM_NAME), a
def lat_lon_to_l_c(self, lat, lon, round=True):
convert latitude-longitude all the way back to line-column by reversing projection and y/x scaling
:param lat: latitude value or array in degrees
:param lon: longitude value or array in degrees
:return: line, column array indexed 0..height-1, 0..width-1
from pyproj import Proj
proj = Proj(projparams=dict(self.proj4_params))
# convert to nadir-meters using proj4
xm, ym = proj(lon, lat, inverse=False)
# divide out height to get back to projection view angles
h = self.perspective_point_height
y, x = ym / h, xm / h
_, _, scale = self._hs.coords(lines=1, columns=1, unscaled=True)
# extract scale factor and add offset to back out to line-from-0, column-from-0
# also note Y is inverse between AHI and GOES/PROJ4
ysf, yao =,
xsf, xao =, scale.bx
# reverse scale factor and add offset to get line and column
# note that AHI coordinate system counts from 1! so we subtract 1.0 to get consistency with GOES
line, column = (y - yao) / ysf - 1.0, (x - xao) / xsf - 1.0
# round to nearest integer
if round:
return np.round(line).astype(np.int32), np.round(column).astype(np.int32)
else: # return floating point values
return line, column
def walk(self, extra_data_attrs={}):
iterate PVDA frames equivalent to a PUG nc_walk
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