Commit 94168643 authored by Nick Bearson's avatar Nick Bearson
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new script to start eodn_feed for us

parent 769decbc
#!/usr/bin/env bash
# landsat-8 tifs are "digital numbers" (counts)
# those aren't very useful once the MTL is lost
# so create top-of-atmosphere radiance files for upload to realearth
# (could also do reflectance...)
set -u
set -e
if [[ ! -d "$DIR" ]]; then DIR="$PWD"; fi
. "$DIR/"
nohup eodn_feed -r "LC8[0-9]{3}(0[1-9]{2}|1[0-1][0-9]|12[0-2])[0-9]{4}[0-3][0-9][0-9].*.tar.gz" > ${LOGS}/eodn_feed.log 2>&1 &
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