Commit 036aab2e authored by Nick Bearson's avatar Nick Bearson
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it's a real startup script now!

parent ee96f9c2
#!/usr/bin/env bash
echo "
This script should:
+ check that incron is running
+ start eodn_feed
- daemonize it
... anything else? create incoming?
# check that incron is running
pgrep "incrond" > /dev/null || echo "WARNING: incrond isn't running, is incoming being watched?"
# make & move to incoming
mkdir -p /home/eodn/incoming
cd /home/eodn/incoming
# start eodn_feed
nohup eodn_feed 0<&- &>> /home/eodn/eodn2realearth/logs/eodn_feed.log &
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