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This repository requires [git-lfs]( support.
# On Clones, Fetches, and Pulls
It's recommended that you run `scripts/` from the base directory. This will check `checksums` against all of the files in `data/`.
# When Making Changes
You can modify files and use git commands just like you would with regular files. Text files (like `*.instrument`) are tracked just like any other text file in git. Binary files are tracked with git-lfs.
When you commit changes, it's recommended that you run `scripts/` and `git add checksums` so that the checksums file stays up to date.
# To Add a Binary File With a New Extension
From the project's base directory:
git lfs track '*.ext'
git add data/my/file.ext checksums
git commit
See `.gitattributes` for the full list of file extensions currently being tracked by git-lfs.
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