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nevermind, setting the central longitude breaks cartopy in some cases

parent 9d56ad50
......@@ -227,11 +227,11 @@ def create_cartopy_proj_objects (extents, out_proj4_str=None,) :
# lat_top = extents[3]
lon_mid = calculate_lon_mid(lon_left, lon_right) # handle lon wraparound case
# lat_mid = (lat_top + lat_bottom) / 2.
LOG.debug("Using central longitude: " + str(lon_mid))
print("Using central longitude: " + str(lon_mid))
# for now just use PlateCarree, in
# FUTURE we will want to pick projections based on our input so we could use x and y when desired
input_proj_obj = crs.PlateCarree(central_longitude=lon_mid,)
input_proj_obj = crs.PlateCarree( ) #central_longitude=lon_mid,)
# FUTURE, we will probably want different projections; select based on the lat/lon range?
# for reference, here's what cartopy supports:
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