Commit b8f89ff6 authored by RKGarcia's avatar RKGarcia
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Remove _qc variable not yet populated

parent 08056a96
......@@ -495,17 +495,6 @@ variables:
string rad_global_pcs:units="1";
string rad_global_pcs:description="real spectral radiance as global principal component scores";
byte rad_global_pcs_qc(atrack, xtrack, fov);
byte rad_global_pcs_qc:valid_range=0, 2;
string rad_global_pcs_qc:long_name="rad_pcs QC";
string rad_global_pcs_qc:coordinates="lon lat";
byte rad_global_pcs_qc:_FillValue=-1b;
byte rad_global_pcs_qc:flag_values=0, 1, 2;
string rad_global_pcs_qc:coverage_content_type="qualityInformation";
string rad_global_pcs_qc:standard_name="toa_outgoing_radiance_per_unit_wavenumber status_flag";
string rad_global_pcs_qc:description="rad_pcs QC flag";
string rad_global_pcs_qc:flag_meanings="Best Good Do_Not_Use";
double rad_local_pcs(atrack, xtrack, fov, localpc);
string rad_local_pcs:long_name="real spectral radiance principal component score";
string rad_local_pcs:coordinates="lon lat";
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