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simple change to cris_gran_RU_ncparam.m to only save RU output file

no longer uses saveTotalRU_FLAG
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......@@ -87,7 +87,7 @@ l1b_dat = read_l1b_for_RU(l1b_fname);
%% not needed to calc RU estimate, but used here to record configuration options
opts.neonl = l1b_dat.aux.neon_wlen;
save(fullfile(pname_out,sprintf('%sopts.mat',fname_out)), 'opts');
%save(fullfile(pname_out,sprintf('%sopts.mat',fname_out)), 'opts');
% store lat and lon data to RU structure
......@@ -285,7 +285,9 @@ for jj = 1:length(bands)
RU_out.(bands{jj}).ru_rad_rss = RU.(bands{jj});
RU_out.(bands{jj}).rad = RU.(bands{jj}).rad_polcorr;
end %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% end loop over bands, jj %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
if saveTotalRU_FLAG == 1
save(fullfile(pname_out,sprintf('%s.mat',fname_out)), 'RU_out');
fprintf(1,'Saving RU output file\n');
RU_out.opts = opts;
save(fullfile(pname_out,sprintf('%s.mat',fname_out)), 'RU');
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