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1. Download the code
- go to
- Click download and select preference for download format (.zip,
.tar.gz, .tar.bz2, .tar)
- Decompress the downloaded archive file on your local machine
2. Run the code
To do a test run of the code in matlab, you will need to modify the User
Input section in the wrapper script (cris_calbudget_1gran_nc_wrapper.m)
to set
- the path to the input v3 L1b granule (two test input granules are
provided in the TEST_INPUT directory) (l1b_pname)
- the satellite name (sat_name, ‘SNPP’ or ‘J1’)
- the path to the radiometric uncertainty code that you have
downloaded or cloned from gitlab (ru_code_pname)
- the save RU data flag (saveTotalRU_FLAG, set to 1 to save RU file)
- the output path (pname_out)
3. Compare your output to sample output
- Sample radiometric uncertainty files that were generated from the
sample input granule files are provided in the TEST_OUTPUT directory
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