Commit f64d8e9d authored by Marco Kurzynski's avatar Marco Kurzynski
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fixed oopsie

parent 908c1791
......@@ -613,7 +613,7 @@ def main(input_dir, output_dir=None, record_range=None, excluded_records=None, s'Record {0} scene mirror position = {1}'.format(records[-1],
sceneMirrorPositions[records[-1] - 1]))
# Returns wavenumbers, obs_ice, pred_ice, obs_3body, pred_3body
lw,sw = bbcal.process(directory, records, output_path=output_path)
lw,sw = bbcal.process(input_dir, records, output_path=output_path)
make_NBB_plot(str(c1_file), lw, sw, records, output_path)
make_IBB_plot(str(c1_file), lw, sw, records, output_path)
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