Commit a88f0aa9 authored by William Roberts's avatar William Roberts
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Finish gitlab CI

parent 68e26c45
......@@ -13,7 +13,6 @@ if [[ $(echo "$CI_COMMIT_TAG" | grep -E '^v[0-9]+.[0-9]+$') ]]; then
docker build --no-cache -f "${DOCKERFILE}" -t "${image_url}:latest" -t "${image_url}:${CI_COMMIT_TAG}" --build-arg AERI_ARMORY_VERSION="${CI_COMMIT_TAG}" ${IMAGE_DIR};
docker run --rm -v $PWD/tests:/tests "${image_url}:latest" /tests;
docker push ${image_url}:${CI_COMMIT_TAG};
if [[ -z "${old_tag}" ]]; then
docker push ${image_url}:latest;
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