Unverified Commit 561a49f2 authored by David Hoese's avatar David Hoese Committed by GitHub
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Fix CI using old version of vispy (#315)

parent 1bcd9480
......@@ -4,7 +4,7 @@ env:
- MAIN_CMD='python setup.py'
- CONDA_DEPENDENCIES='hdf5 rasterio matplotlib numba pyproj coveralls pytest pytest-mock
pytest-cov coverage pytest-qt vispy<0.7 netcdf4 h5py imageio imageio-ffmpeg ffmpeg
pytest-cov coverage pytest-qt vispy netcdf4 h5py imageio imageio-ffmpeg ffmpeg
pillow pyshp pyqtgraph shapely sqlalchemy pyqt appdirs pyyaml satpy eccodes scikit-image
donfig conda-pack'
- PIP_DEPENDENCIES='pytest-xvfb'
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